Social Value (Community) Certification


Anyone operating a responsible business should, by default, be providing social value. In other words, the business is making a positive contribution to society as can be evidenced in requirements for the Responsible Business Standard (RBS)

There is a requirement to demonstrate a commitment to supporting the local community in the RBS, it is only one aspect of the certification. Social Value Certification may therefore be a preferred option for some companies, although please note other requirements as detailed below.

This certification is designed specifically for small businesses (0-49 employees) although larger businesses are not precluded. (Please contact us if you are a larger business and would like to process with the Social Value Certification.)

Social Value Certification is excellent for any business wanting to improve their reputation by showing how committed they are to supporting their local community, but it is particularly important in the public sector supply chain.

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In order to apply for Social Value Certification, an appropriate subscription to the Responsible Business/Social Value Course must be in place.

To apply for certification, the first stage is to submit self-assessment forms that cover all aspects of the course. For stage two, evidence will be required to substantiate engagement and support in the local community as per the Community Section of the Responsible Business/Social Value Course.

This certification lasts for three years and you can choose if you wish to provide evidence for the last one, two or three years.

As always, there is no one size fits all and the external auditor will access the application using the ASTI approach.

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Social Value rates

Micro-businesses with no employees, Micro-businesses 1 to 9 employees, Small businesses 10 to 49 employees, All other businesses


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