CPD Certification


This CPD Certification option is accredited for 20 hours CPD.

Please note that you must have a subscription for the Responsible Business/Social Value Course in place and completed the course before you can apply for certification.

To complete your CPD Certification, you are required to submit a 700-word (minimum) essay to evidence a full understanding of the course content and how it relates to your organisation or your career.

If your application is approved you will receive appropriate CPD Certification of 20 credit hours but are not entitled to use any of the Responsible Business/Social Value logos.




As an alternative option to gain CPD Certification, if you have taken the course as a company you may prefer to apply for Monitored Self-Assessment Certification which also qualifies for CPD Certification.

If you take this optional route, you will be required to pay the appropriate Monitored self-Certification fee plus a small additional admin charge to process the CPD certificate.


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