Responsible Business Standard Certification – Stage One (3-yearly payment)


This is a robust, evidence-based certification that covers all aspects of your business operations.  Although specifically designed for small businesses (0-49 employees) it nonetheless requires commitment to complete the process.

Unlike some other forms of certification, you will not be penalised if a section or topic does not apply thereby ensuring this certification is appropriate for even the very smallest of businesses with no employees.

Being able to evidence you are operating ethically and responsibly provides numerous benefits including but not limited to enhancing your business reputation and helping your company win more contracts.

To complete this certification you must have an appropriate course subscription in place.

The Responsible Business Standard certification is renewable every three years.

If you are a larger business interested in taking this certification, please contact us.

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This certification is evidence-based. You will be required to complete forms for each section that is appropriate for your business and also submit supporting evidence. Your submission will be assessed and then overviewed by two trained and certified Responsible Business specialist auditors.

If you have no employees, you can miss out on the Workplace section although:

  1. If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation, Q10 in Workplace Part 2 may be relevant if you have volunteers and/or any other unpaid personnel;
  2. Consider specifically if Q10 in Workplace Part 2 may be relevant as this relates to working with contractors and freelancers;
  3. Although not necessary to complete certification, it may be worth working through the workplace section as an information resource for future expansion plans and also consider how aspects such as health and safety and employee wellbeing relate to you.

If you do not have any employees, you will NOT be penalised if you do not complete the workplace section and/or any employee-related questions in the rest of the application.

You may refer to other forms of certification as evidence of meeting the requirements of specific sections.

The Responsible Business Standard certification is renewable every three years.

As this is stage one of the certification, our rates are fixed. However, stage two brings more variability in costs. If you want to know our pricing for your particular business at stage two, please contact


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RBS Stage One rates

Micro-businesses with no employees, Micro-businesses 1 to 9 employees, Small businesses 10 to 49 employees


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