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The Organisation for Responsible Businesses is delighted to be working in partnership with the International Association of Bookkeepers to provide an IAB Members’ Benefit of a 20% discount on the following Responsible Business Standard course and certification options for all UK-based members.

The certification options, in conjunction with the course, have both been accredited with 20 hours CPD.

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There are two routes to CPD certification. In both instances, the appropriate course subscription must be in place before applying for certification:

  1. Individual CPD certification completed by submitting an essay to evidence course learnings and intent.
  2. CPD certification for a business owner/senior executive by completing the Monitored Self-Assessment Certification for the business.

IAB members should use the discount codes shown below for all course and two CPD certification options featured, noting there are different discount codes for courses and certifications, although can be used in one purchase as appropriate.

IAB20course    IAB20cert

CPD for Individuals

Monitored Self-Assessment Certification

Please do remember that this certification is for the business and therefore the appropriate course must be in place according to the number of employees.

We operate a tiered price-point structure to ensure the course is accessible to even the smallest business which means that larger businesses will pay proportionately more for access. But whatever the size of your business, and therefore whatever price you pay, we can guarantee this course will deliver excellent value for money providing it is used properly.

Similarly, there is a tiered-pricing structure for certification.

If your certification application is approved and CPD certification is also required two certificates can be issued:

  • Monitored Self-Assessment Certification for the business
  • CPD certification for the applicant

Please note: there is a small administrative fee to issue the CPD Certificate when requested in conjunction with the Monitored Self-Assessment Certification.

If the company has additional employees who would benefit from taking the course and/or CPD certification, companies may purchase additional courses at a reduced rate for those employees.

Other Certification Options

The additional Responsible Business Standard Certification options, as shown below, require a more extensive audit process to evaluate the detailed submissions, and we are unable to offer a discount for these options.

Nonetheless, we do hope IAB members will aspire to full Responsible Business Standard Certification in due course both for themselves and their clients.

If Responsible Business Standard Lite Certification is achieved, an upgrade option to full Responsible Business Standard Certification can be requested. For micro-businesses with 0-4 employees, a Zoom call with one of our external auditors is required; for all other businesses, an onsite visit is required in order to speak personally to the businesses owner/senior executives, visit the premises and also speak with employees.

Doing Good is Good for Business

Our co-founder and CEO, Jill Poet, is particularly delighted to establish this partnership with the IAB as management accountancy is her professional background.

Jill knows from personal experience the value that a good bookkeeper can bring to a business.

As well as ‘doing the books,’ bookkeepers invariably build solid relationships with their clients and are in a strong position to influence business strategy. Additionally, bookkeepers who are employees of small companies often take on a multitude of other roles such as, but not limited to, HR, health and safety, and project management.


The Organisation for Responsible Businesses, which developed and manages the Responsible Business Standard, has always taken the approach that Doing Good is Good for Business. In other words, there are numerous business benefits to be gained from operating ethically and responsibly, meeting and exceeding legislation, and always considering the organisation's impact on people and the environment.

This approach is more relevant than ever as clients and potential clients, whether consumers or from the private and public sectors, as well as Gen Z employees, are increasingly looking at the values and ethics of the organisations they are working with and/or for.

The business benefits of embracing a responsible business approach are immense.  As well as short-term benefits, businesses that operate ethically and responsibly across all aspects of their business operations will be the most profitable and sustainable for the longer term.