Social Value (Community) Certification

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Social value relates to the positive impact an organisation has on society, and this is reflected in all areas of operations. However, this certification relates specifically to the direct impact an organisation makes to the local community through aspects of community engagement. This is why it is essential applicants have completed the Monitored Self Assessment Certification before applying for social value certification.

Being able to evidence social value can enhance your business reputation and help you win more contracts. Social value is increasingly important in public sector procurement, particularly when tendering for local authority contracts. Central government contracts

You will then need to sumbit evidence relation to questions in 1-7 in the community section as appropriate. There is an optional section to add anything else you feel may be relevant to the social value your organisation provides but is not necessarily relate to the other questions. It may, for example, relate to proactive environmental initiatives, exceptional workplace benefits, or projects that support developing countries. This section isn’t marked but information here may reflect in marking of other sections.

If you have no employees, Q3 and Q6 can be marked as not applicable.

Our focus prioritises community involvement above financial giving. If your company is in a position to make charitable donations that is to be applauded but it is not a rigid requirement. On that basis, Q4 can also be marked as not applicable.

Social Value Certification is assessed by an external auditor and an internal moderation process.

If the application is approved, a Social Value Certificate and logos will be issued. Certification is available at Basic and Exemplar levels.

This certification is renewable every three years.