Responsible Business & Social Value Course

£15.00 / year

This BIG, ROBUST course provides a pragmatic, business-orientated approach to operating an organisation efficiently and ethically.

Although designed specifically for small businesses from a sole trader upwards, any size or type of organisation will benefit including pre-start-ups, social enterprises and charities.

Our paired back approach does not TELL you what to do. Instead, it asks you to THINK about what you are doing now, think about what you could and should be doing BETTER, and what steps you are going to take NOW as you start the journey to a better way of doing business. A way that is good for your business (PROFIT),  but also good for PEOPLE, and good for this very fragile PLANET that we all need to protect for future generations.

If you would like to provide other directors/partners and/or employees with access to the course, you will be offered the option to purchase additional courses at checkout at a reduced cost of just £12 per person. When your purchase is complete, you will be contacted by head office for details of those employees and they will be provided with course access details.



This course is both the precursor to and the basis of the various certification options, but it can be used as a stand-alone tool for business owners and senior executives to internally assess their business operations.

It also provides many resources and tools to allow a business to self-assess before committing to certification.


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