Responsible business & social value course for pre-start and startups

£19.00 / year

This course highlights practical and legislative aspects you need to consider, including providing many useful resources, whilst also ensuring you do not lose sight of your passion and the personal ethics and values that should be embedded at the very heart of your new business.

If you are developing or re-assessing your Business Plan, you will find the course an exceptionally useful tool.

This is a BIG, ROBUST course and naturally, some of the topics may not apply to you. Nonetheless, we recommend you do read through and consider each aspect as this process will enhance the thought process of how to start and develop a business.



Registration for the course is on a recurring annual payment basis ensuring you are always able to refer to the course and re-assess your operations as your business develops. However, you can cancel at any time.

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Pre-start and start-ups (less than 12 months established), Individuals for CPD


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