The Process

You may already be working with a Certified ORB Auditor, you may be a Member of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses, or you may have discovered The Standard through external sources.

If you are considering taking the Responsible Business Standard or would just like to ensure your company is working to ethical, responsible and efficient standards, we recommend you purchase a copy of the Responsible Business Workbook. The publication, available as a hard copy or in pdf format, includes the full requirements of the standard together with a wealth of additional advice and support.

  • A typical audit for a very small company will take about 4 hours on site. Audit times will increase according to the size and complexity of the company.
  • It is essential that a contact of appropriate seniority is available throughout the audit period e.g. managing director or owner. This is particularly important at the beginning and conclusion of the audit. It is quite acceptable for much of the general work such as sourcing required documentation to be delegated to junior personnel. However, if the appropriate senior person is not available to discuss various elements of the audit when required it may be impossible for the auditor to complete the process.
  • The auditor will want to interview members of staff. The persons / persons to be interviewed will be determined on the day by the auditor. The auditor will ensure the employee feels at ease and will assure them that the conversation is confidential. An appropriate room should be provided if possible to ensure the employee does not feel compromised.
  • The auditor should be shown around the entire business premises as and when required. Please advise us if the auditor is required to supply anything specific in order to access all areas of the company e.g. protective clothing. If the auditor is precluded from accessing any areas they will not be able to complete the audit.
  • Once the audit is completed the auditor will complete the audit report off site and submit it to Head Office. It will then be checked by a lead auditor. If there are any queries you may be contacted by either the initial auditor or the lead auditor to clarify issues. You will then be advised of the final results.
  • You will receive a certificate and a full report. The certificate will show the overall result i.e. Bronze, Silver or Gold. You may have achieved higher or lower levels in each section. The full report will identify levels attained in each section together with detailed information and action points as appropriate.
    It will also identify agreed objectives and / or if previously agreed objectives are being met.
  • Certification will normally last for two years, with a "light touch" interim review
    As Jacqui Burke from Flourishing People said: "Doing some preparation for James' visit has been a really useful experience. You forget what you've done over the course of a year without a process like this to make you sit down and think about it."
  • The audit is a stand-alone certification, but can also be used as a stepping stone to other certifications such as ISOs.
  • The Responsible Business Standard can also complement any existing certifications. Other certifications such as ISO 9001, Investors in People etc. can be passported across and will reduce the cost of the audit.

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