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Validation Reports – Anglia Ruskin University

Our most powerful testimonial is unquestionably within the Validation Report from Anglia Ruskin University which describes The Standard as "a well-designed accreditation with a robust delivery system." An Executive Summary and Detailed Report are available below:

Anglia Ruskin University

Matthew Hancock MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Skills and the Governments Small Business Champion.

Matthew supports ORB and the Responsible Business Standard because of the focus on small businesses.

Please watch this short video to hear Matthew's views.  

Richard Howitt - MEP for East of England and rapporteur for Corporate Social Responsibility in the European Parliament

"Thanks to the development of The Responsible Business Standard, many more small businesses across the UK in a variety of different sectors will now also be able to work to a framework that will allow them to demonstrate how they are not only operating ethical, efficient, successful businesses, but also giving something back to their local communities, reducing their environmental impact, and respecting human rights.

"I believe small businesses are often more responsible than bigger businesses but because of budget constraints they have not previously been able to evidence their contribution in the same way. I value the work done by ORB in producing a standard designed specifically for SMEs so that they can far better contribute to the CSR debate.

Please watch this short video to hear Richard's views.

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Chris Cramphorn, MD of Single Planet Solutions and a graduate of the One Planet MBA

Chris speaks about the Responsible Business Standard after attending auditor training on 26th April 2013.
Chris clearly enjoyed the training and feels the standard is an appropriate model for businesses of all sizes. He commends its robustness.

Please watch this short video to hear Chris's views.  

Howard Rawley, Managing Director of Rawley Plant Ltd:

Howard Rawley is pleased to receive the Responsible Business Standard to recognise the ethical and responsible standards the company has always worked to.

Please watch this short video to hear Howard's views.  

Jacqui Burke – Managing Director and Founder of Flourishing People

Jacqui Burke of Flourishing People talks about going through the audit process and how it aligns with her values and ethics.

Please watch this short video to hear Jacqui's views.  

Helen Marini – partner, Westminster Compliance

Helen, a Certified ORB Auditor, specialises in helping small businesses get ready for public sector contracts. She believes The Standard will really help those businesses through the procurement processes.

Listen to Helen's short video here:

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Rob Challis – Founding Director of Tangent Synergy Ltd, Trustee at Global Action Plan and former Global Head of Corporate Responsibility at the Man Group Plc

Rob is a leading strategic thinker on CR and well-know on the conference circuit where his engaging, forthright and challenging style keeps audiences on their toes, wide awake and thinking.

Rob totally understands that a commercial imperative is vital for integrating CR into business frameworks and is a huge supporter of ORB and The Responsible Business Standard which, he believes "will play a progressively important role in the recovery of the economy."

Please watch this short video to hear Rob's views.

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Iain Wicks – Essex FSB Chairman

"This new standard has been designed specifically for SMEs, businesses that typify the FSB membership. We believe The Standard is going to be a very useful tool for these businesses, particularly in the supply chain and procurement arena.

Trying to facilitate the number of smaller businesses that successfully tender for local authority and private sector contracts is something that the FSB is passionate about. We lobby at national level to make procurement processes more suitable for SMEs and in Essex we have been particularly proactive in this area.

Federation of Small BusinessesEssex FSB will continue to work hard to help local businesses win contracts, but there are two sides to this coin: businesses must ensure they are tender ready and can validate the standards their businesses operate to. Considering attaining The Responsible Business Standard certification could be a really helpful step in providing that evidence for tender applications and supply chain enquiries."

Mark Prisk MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise.

Mark Prisk MP said "I am always pleased to hear of new and innovative ideas, especially those that aim to support business growth. The Government welcomes positive responses such as this to its call for a 'Big Society' approach."

ORB has a vision of thriving, vibrant cities, towns and villages where SMEs play a vital role in their local communities; contributing socially and economically, and setting an example of ethical and responsible business behaviour to corporate business in the UK and throughout the world.

Creating this positive change is an essential aspect of achieving the "Big Society" dream, whereby small businesses are not only ethical and responsible but also profitable and sustainable.

Sandra Garlick – Principal of De Marco Hunter Solicitors in Coventry

De Marco Hunter Solicitors is a leading law firm specialising in employment law and business affairs. The company attained The Responsible Business Standard at gold level in June 2011.

De Marco Hunter Solicitors has been featured in both the traditional press and online business news sites. Principal, Sandra Garlick, has also been featured on BBC Midlands Today. As a business that does not advertise, in a traditional sense, they have been able to generate massive coverage as a direct result of achieving the Standard.

Sandra Garlick said: "We are already seeing the benefits of obtaining the Responsible Business Standard. We have used the accreditation process as a management tool to help us examine the way we operate as a business and that led to us updating a number of policies and procedures. Achieving the Gold Award has helped us to raise our profile and identify new ways of engaging with our stakeholders"

Joanna Killian – Chief Executive of Essex County Council

Essex County Council has been supportive throughout the development of ORB and The Responsible Business Standard. Joanna sees The Standard as a tool to increase business and consumer confidence.

"[The] Responsible Business Standard sits comfortably alongside the Buy with Confidence scheme operated in Essex by our Trading Standards team. Both are aimed at increasing business and consumer confidence and ensuring commitment to quality, high working standards and good operational practice."

Essex County Council

Jane Burston –Founder of Carbon Retirement

Jane, a great campaigner, is passionate about environmental issues and has won a number of awards for her innovative and ethical approach to offsetting, including being one of The Guardian's top 50 in retail.

As a successful businesswoman, Jane she also recognises the need for business of all sizes to operate efficiently, effectively and profitably. She says of The Standard:

"Great stuff, that looks really good. I like that you've used a broad definition of responsibility so it applies to general business practices and not just the narrow sustainability that people often refer to as 'responsible'."

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